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You may have picked up that I am from Italian heritage.  See the About page for more on that.

As shown in the photo, I have recently begun writing the word “Andiamo!” on the bottom of my notepad before each meeting.

Doing this reminds me that the end of every meeting should have the spirit of Andiamo!

Andiamo translates to ‘Let’s go’ in Italian.

Aniamo - Let's GoAs a leader it’s important to send the message LET’S go. The implication is we rather than you.

If we are in a meeting together, we are talking about something we will do, together.

Even if the meeting is to delegate a task, there is something that I’m responsible to accomplish.

Andiamo sends the message that the team is not alone. That I’m there with them.

Andiamo reminds me to identify the actions required by everyone in the meeting, including the leader.

Lolly Daskal in her INC article, Why you should stop being a boss and start being a leader, touches on this when she says, “The boss says Go!; the leader says Let’s go!

It’s easy to create an Andiamo! spirit at an annual meeting discussing the new year’s goals. But can we maintain that spirit everyday?

An example:

In a weekly staff meeting the team goes around the table discussing status on all the various projects. As each person completes their update they list the action items they have. Before going on to the next person, ask everyone else to indicate how they can contribute to the action items listed, provide information and resources, or facilitate something getting done. This two minute exercise gets everyone involved. We start to cross boundaries.

In a recent example, Kate notes that she wanted to get input from the legal department on language in a document that customers would see. Bob spoke up, remembering a similar experience he had and identified Mary as the best person in Legal to go to rather than Tim. John said he was meeting with Mary from Legal on Friday and could ask the question for Kate.

The leader of the group hearing this suggested that perhaps we need a consistent approach to these situations going forward and agreed to discuss this with the head of Legal at the next leadership meeting.

You get the idea. Small task from Kate but now the whole team is contributing to the solution. No one is over taxed. This doesn’t take a great deal of time. You utilize the experience of the whole team. Everyone knows what everyone is up to and builds links for continuity. Everyone including the leader knows of actions to take and we do better work.

When the leader says “Andiamo! – Let’s go!” it genuinely means, let’s all move forward together.

What is happening when the Andiamo! spirit exists?

  • Meetings are more efficient
  • Meetings are more action oriented
  • Delegation is facilitated effectively
  • The 60/40 philosophy is reinforced
  • Agreement on all the perspectives of action is achieved
  • Clarity reigns
  • Collaboration happens
  • Leadership happens

The spirit of Andiamo can create that same level of purpose, anticipation, and excitement for those who experience your leadership.
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On October 7, 2014
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