Are Custom and Scale Mutually Exclusive?

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Custom vs Scale

As leaders this is an interesting challenge that deserves our attention. We’ve talked about the need for custom relationships with individuals you lead. Each person is different and deserves customized attention. This has its own scalability challenges of course when we get into the hundreds of staff members.

Can we apply this mindset further?

An Example

We’re tackling this from a change leadership perspective with our new software tool.

When leading change there is not just one stakeholder profile. We can’t say every one of the 1,500 people are affected by the change in the same way. If you’re implementing a new CRM system for example, the field sales team, the sales mangers, inside sales, sales reporting, and don’t forget marketing and other groups, each experience a different impact.

The hard part is, how do you create and execute custom plans to lead each of these groups through the change? What most organizations do is throw up their hands and treat everyone the same for efficiency’s sake. It’s just too hard to do this any other way.

Our new system makes this segmentation and the associated change actions easier – custom at scale.

Further, because we automate a process that guides the correct behavior it’s possible to have less experienced change leaders doing the right things across the enterprise – custom at scale.

More to come on the new change leadership project.

Your Turn

Think process – Can you create a process that naturally guides people to the next step independent of the people executing the process?

Think automation – Can you automate the segmentation process so you can more easily see distinctions requiring custom action? Can you automate the process to make it easier to do the right thing?

Think empowerment – Can you loosen the strings allowing people to make choices that provide unique, custom solutions.

Custom and scale are not mutually exclusive but it takes work to get there. The value equation is enormous. Lead the way!

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