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Change Bytes are snippets of change leadership advice from the field. Click the titles below to access these pearls of advice.

After the Meeting
Analyze Your Stories
Are you approachable?
Assign Someone for Each Major Stakeholder
Assumption or Decision
The Bottom 10%
Break Down Barriers
Building the Change Project Team
Capture Change
Change Ammunition
Change Leadership from Where You Are
Change Within Change Project Teams
Changes Before the Change – Prerequisites
Coalition Building
Coalition Building – The UN and You
Communicate Differently
Communication and Training
Constituents vs. Stakeholders
Creativity vs. Innovation
Cross Project Matrix
The Danger of Plan Templates
Decision Making
Decisions Rooted in Strategy
Designated Listeners
Does age matter?
Does your team own the plan?
Do you know what the tasks mean?
Don’t Wait To Be a Change Leader
Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
Employee Readiness
Evolution of the Change Project Team
Fake Empathy
Follow the Money
Foundation for Change
The Habit of BusYness
I didn’t know I was allowed
Is it just you?
Is the incentive plan still valid?
Know Your Audience
Let nature take its course
Listen to the front line
Listen to your experts!
Listen when you’re talking
Maintaining Momentum
Manage the Handoff
Manager or Employee?
Meeting Preparation
Meeting Start Tip
Mix or Separate?
No more programs
Only Change the Date Once
Optimism – The Most Productive Approach
Perception is Reality
Practical Communication
Practical Team Building
The Pre-Meeting
Problem Definition
Project vs. Change Project
Questions or Answers
Readiness: Only when it matters?
Resistance is Real
Role of the Change Leader at Implementation
Roll Out or Grass Roots?
Rules without foundation is just a methodology
Rumor – A Cultural Barometer
Should Everyone Agree?
Show a focus on change leadership
Stakeholder Needs
Stakeholder or Constituent?
Stay the Course
Tap into the vision
Test your communications
Tie to the strategy
Toilet Paper and Bullets
Top management doesn’t know what to do
Train your Executive Sponsor
Transition Walk-Through
Uncover Conflict
Value Resistance
We have the technology
What does it mean?
What’s my role?
When things get snippy
Where is the balance?
Where is the decision likely to lead?
Who are your eyes and ears?
Who is your running mate?

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