Mediocre is not OK

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Everyone doesn’t have to be a high performer, yet. Everyone does have to be growing.

There are people that just show up at work, put in their time, get by doing the least possible and go home. It’s unfortunate but true.

Here’s the key. These people can’t work here. They can’t work at the organization you lead. You can’t accomplish what needs to be accomplished if these people show up at your organization.

If these people are here somehow, they need to go. Now.

I know, I know. Human Resources. Documentation.

Whatever it takes. Do it. Don’t discriminate. It’s about performance. If people don’t perform you should be able to let them go. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

It may be costly to recover from being ok with mediocrity in the past. I empathize. Still do it.

Not everyone is a top performer. There is a ranking of skill and performance. That’s fine.

Let’s think about the whole list, top to bottom. The person on the bottom of your list should be on the bottom of the list simply because they can not yet perform at the highest level. They have something to work on. They need to gain experience, they have some work to do.

They are growing. They are capable. They have potential. They are NOT mediocre.

When the person stops growing they have to go. They tried. They didn’t cut it. Maybe they didn’t want to grow any longer. Who knows?

Having this person who is not growing on your team is the beginning of the end. You simply can’t be successful.

The test – How are you growing? What’s the plan? What’s next for you? If there isn’t an answer it’s time to move on or step up your leadership focus to make growth the priority. Great things start to happen when mediocre is not OK.

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On September 22, 2015
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