Are People Glad To See You?

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I once wrote a magazine article on the subject of Grace. In that article I highlighted my professional speaking colleague, Glenna Salsbury. She’s a true master of relating to people. You simply feel better when Glenna is nearby. My friend is experiencing some health issues and she is on my mind plus I saw an article in Fortune magazine about her. She’s the motivation for this morning’s message.

Picture sailors snapping to attention when the captain appears on deck. The captain could be a horrible leader but positional authority requires this attention no matter the leader. Everyone stands up for the President of the United States no matter their approval or disapproval of the person.

True leaders though understand their positional authority for what it is and move past that to true connection. A business leader naturally receives attention because currying favor could be beneficial and if a good impression isn’t made on that leader it could be harmful to careers.

What’s next? How do you transcend that surface level attention afforded your leadership position?

Can you create value to the level that the people you lead look forward to seeing you?

Let’s look at what goes through someone’s mind when they actually look forward to seeing their leader. They’re likely thinking:

  • The leader cares.
  • I can learn something about how to do my job better.
  • It’s an opportunity to share.
  • I’ll be more informed and understand the motivation of the leader.
  • We can work together.

Would you agree that these are good things for our team members to think?

How do we get there?

A key I identified by observing Glenna is to be genuine. It’s pretty straightforward.

Being a good person is a prerequisite. Let’s assume you are since you wouldn’t be reading this if you were a manipulative type of leader. It’s important not to do anything that masks the fact you are a good person. Be you. Be genuine.

Don’t be secretive. Don’t play power games. Be open. Share.

Another crucial key is to be present with everyone. If Glenna is talking to you in a room filled with 2000 people you feel like you are the only person in the room. She is totally present. There is no looking over your shoulder for a better person to meet, no thinking about what’s next. Just being present.

Some important words from the list above – care, learn/teach, share, opportunity, inform, understand, together.

To do this week: For your interactions this week, do people leave looking forward to your next interaction? How do you impact this?

Let me know how it’s goes. Click the “comments” box below to participate in an on-going discussion via LinkedIn.

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On December 7, 2017
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