Single threading is bad advice

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The definition of focus is different in my book Personal Brilliance than most define it. I think it’s different because when I think of focus I’m thinking of you – a leader.

Many think of focus as a laser-beam, tight type of focus. You know: “Hold all calls, I have to focus now.” Rather, we think of focus as a spotlight whose beam starts out small and widens to cover a big area. We refer to this as 360 degree focus.

This is the type of focus we need as leaders. In fact the persona we use to describe the Personal Brilliance catalyst focus is the Chief Executive Officer.

This is exactly the opposite of the currently popular message that our brains aren’t capable of multi-tasking and that we should focus on one thing at a time. There is some value in that argument, however it doesn’t necessarily apply to our role.

We must work in parallel as opposed to serially. Here is the challenge: Can you be patient enough to wait for the confluence, the convergence, of these parallel streams to occur?

Impatience is the enemy. When you’re impatient you have the urge to get something done and become single focused and leak value.

Working multiple issues concurrently and having confidence the confluence will occur takes discipline and is a conscious activity.

Your job is to see this big picture. Being the only one to see it though puts you in a lonely spot.

Share your “secret evil plan.” Explain your thinking. Let the people involved in on the expected puzzle pieces that will come together. They will grow as a result.

There’s a much better chance of the confluence occurring if multiple people are guiding things toward that target.

To do this week:  Explore how conscious you are with your multiple value tracks. Write them down. Analyze the strategy. Share the thinking with your key people.

Let me know how it’s goes. Click the “comments” box below to participate in an on-going discussion via LinkedIn.

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On October 4, 2017
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