The Value of Persistence

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The following is a short book preview about the value of persistence contributed by the Ohio State University Leadership Center.

Influential Leadership: A Leader’s Guide to Getting Things Done
Colin Gautrey, London: Kogan Page (2014)

“Being persistent means that when things get in the way, as they will, you will find a way of overcoming them. If people knock you down, as they will, you are able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and return to your path. It also means that when doubts creep into your mind, as they will, you are able to listen to their message without being distracted from your purpose.

At its best, persistence allows you to remain open to new ideas because you want to keep learning. If you are persistent, you will seek opportunities to bring people towards your purpose, even if that means modifying your route or some of the detail along the way. You hold true to your purpose (p. 260).”

Influential Leadership is available from the OSU Leadership Center.

Learn how the Ohio State University Leadership Center is inspiring others to take a leadership role that empowers the world at the OSU Leadership Center website.

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On August 7, 2017
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