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The following is a short book preview of Contagious Culture contributed by the Ohio State University Leadership Center.

Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives
Anese Cavanaugh, McGraw-Hill Education (2015)

“You’re creating a culture that is contagious. You’re setting the tone. You’re making it happen – or not. You are to celebrate for the success of your culture, or to blame for its failure. You – yes, you. How powerful is that? Whether you are the CEO, a supervisor, an employee, a janitor, or a parent, how your culture is right now is a result of how you’ve shown up, the decisions you and your team have made, your own personal relationship with accountability, and your willingness to create a life you love. Regardless of your position, you emanate the culture. The culture is you. This is great news because you’re contagious and you have impact (p. 48-49).”

Contagious Culture is available from the OSU Leadership Center.

Learn how the Ohio State University Leadership Center is inspiring others to take a leadership role that empowers the world at the OSU Leadership Center website.

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On April 30, 2018
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