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The following is a short book preview contributed by the Ohio State University Leadership Center.

Tuesday Morning Coaching
David Cottrell, New York: McGraw-Hill (2013)

  • It’s okay to fail – everyone fails at some point – but it’s not okay to keep failing.
  • Denial only delays success.
  • Success rarely shows up quickly. It appears after trial, error and prolonged effort.
  • Growth and success are optional, and if we choose that option, we have to change.
  • Successful people never make excuses to justify why things are the way they are, and they don’t complain about the ways things should be.
  • Change should be constant and welcomed, even when things aren’t going well.
  • Problem-solving process that can be used for virtually any issue – write down: the problem as you perceive it; the impact it has on you or others; what you want to accomplish – your desired end state; why you think the problem exists; potential solutions (Cottrell, p. 87).

Tuesday Morning Coaching is available from the OSU Leadership Center.

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On March 23, 2015
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