Multi-Value Leadership Actions

Leadership Comments Off on Multi-Value Leadership Actions

Research tells us that we can only do one thing at a time. Ha! Who has time for that? We need multi-value leadership activities.

We have opportunities every day to leverage each leadership activity.

Understanding the multi-value benefits provided by an activity helps you better perform the activity properly.

Last week in Don’t Be Left Holding The Bag we discussed delegation. When you delegate well you:

  • Spread the work to the best resources
  • Create an opportunity to teach
  • Coach in real-life situations
  • Be able to evaluate resources
  • Compile information for succession planning

If you think it’s just spreading the work around to keep people busy, you’re doing it wrong.

In Championship Hiring we discuss a hiring approach that:

  • Builds trust
  • Creates a sense of team ownership
  • Naturally creates mentorship
  • Builds culture
  • Helps you evaluate resources

If you are the only person from your team interviewing candidates, you’re doing it wrong.

In One Question to Revolutionize Your One-On-One Meetings the tip provided:

  • Creates a positive tone for your one-on-one meetings
  • Puts a focus on innovation
  • The team member leads the meeting
  • The mundane is elevated to a higher purpose
  • Engagement increases
  • The meeting is more interesting for the leader

If you are going through the motions in your one-on-one meetings, you’re doing it wrong.

The key lesson here is to:

  1. Look for the leverage points to multi-value in each leadership activity.
  2. Optimize the activity to take advantage of as many value points as possible.
  3. Understand the connections between activities.
Create multiple points of value to exponentially increase your leadership influence.

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On March 24, 2015
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