The Secret Leadership Key

The Secret Leadership Key

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A Secret Leadership Key is necessary to unlock the barrier to sustainable growth and a championship culture. The New Leadership Normal teaching uses a fundamental equation:

90/10 – 60/40

Here is a quick definition.


90/10 represents the typical ratio of attention spent by a leader. 90% of the leader’s time, thoughts, and actions are focused on their department. 10% is focused on leading the company overall.

90/10 is pretty typical. Some leaders admit that it’s more like 99/1. Where do you fall on this spectrum?


The New Leadership Normal strives to shift this ratio from 90/10  to 60/40.

60% of your attention as a leader focused on your department and a full 40% of your focus on the company overall.

Think about what a massive change this represents.

If a full 40% of your being is focused on leading the company overall this is a huge change.

Just some of the things that are different in a 60/40 world:

  • Delegation is growth oriented
  • Empowerment becomes natural
  • Engagement increases
  • Your work as a leader is more interesting
  • The organization naturally employs more checks and balances without more bureaucracy
  • Your opportunities as a leader expand
  • Doing the right thing more often replaces the most expedient thing
  • More options become available when making decisions
  • And much, much more

The Secret Leadership Key

60/40 is the Secret Leadership Key that creates The New Leadership Normal and leads to sustainable growth.

Where are you currently on the 90/10 – 60/40 spectrum?
What will happen in your organization as it moves toward 60/40?

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On September 2, 2014
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