Technology Adoption as a Priority

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I like to implement things. I’m sure you do too. Results are what we’re after.

We get wrapped up in the zillions of tasks associated with implementing things. We build something, implement it, and start building something else.

If no one uses your technology, did you really accomplish anything?

The difficulty is matching the high level strategy with where the work gets done. Our planning assumes success. We tend to end a change project a few weeks after implementation and assume that the prerequisite for the next change is now in place.

We’re layering change upon change before there is adoption and it becomes messy really fast.

Technology is outstripping our ability to adopt it because the pace of change on the software side is so much faster than the pace of change on the organizational and corporate culture side.Jay Baer

An argument can be made that we should simply slow down. Or, perhaps we can increase efficiency and be able to move faster.

Well, slowing down doesn’t seem like it’s possible. Since leading change is what we do everyday we like to take responsibility on the implementation side of things. In other words, how we go about leading change.

Change Leadership – Change Leadership is the combination of science and art that you employ to lead your organization through change. Every step of the process of change leadership is focused on adoption. Learn more here. Change Leadership has to be a conscious effort and treated like any other critical business discipline.

Customization at Scale – It’s obvious that if we could speak with each person individually and work with them through the change effort we would increase the adoption rate for that one person. That’s not a luxury we have so our process for leading change must provide the required customization but at scale. Again this takes focused effort. More here.

Integration in a person’s day – A key for adoption is to engineer how the changed environment will sync with a person’s day. The best software in the world on a desktop won’t work on a factory floor. Working to solve that barrier is key to success. Actually studying the jobs and how the person goes about their day and solving problems can help skyrocket adoption. Ask us about Change Impact Analysis. Change Impact Analysis looks at the change, and the constituents that will be affected, how they will react, and how we will help them.

Focusing on technology adoption means shifting your definition of being done. This focus changes your approach to change leadership.

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On May 24, 2016
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